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1 Dry & wet mopping the common areas with an appropriate hygienic cleaner 2 reporting any maintenance required in the area 3 Sweeping, wet and dry mopping of the floors of the entire premises. 4 Cleaning and removal of Dust using vacuum machines. 5 Removing stains, dirt patch on the wall, staircases, landings, hand railings, etc., as and when required. 6 Internal and external glass cleaning at Reception Lobby as well as keeping the area free of cobwebs. 7 Cleaning of Toilet area and sanitary fixtures and disinfecting/deodorizing them and provision for urinal cubes/toilet air fresheners. 8 Provision of liquid soap in the dispenser and toilet rolls. 9 Monitoring the Toilet Cleaning on Hourly basis. 10 Cleaning of all glass fittings of cabins and mirrors. 11 Dusting and wet mopping of work stations, including furniture & fixtures. 12 Dusting of Computer Monitor, CPU, Key Board, Mouse, printers, fax, Xerox machine and other office equipment. 13 Dusting and wet cleaning of Telephone instruments with dettol. 14 Collecting the wastes, emptying the garbage bins/waste paper baskets and arrange to cart them to dump at allotted place. 15 Cleaning of Pantry area. 16 Polishing of metal items like nameplate, sign board, etc. 17 Disposal of office/pantry wastes. 18 Shredding of office waste papers and disposal of the same.
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