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When I lost my money to online scammers through crypto investment ,I never thought I could ever retrieve back my money again but I decided to give it a try after my Inlay introduced me to this incredible honest hacker that she had worked with to retrieve back her bitcoin when she mistakenly sent to a wrong wallet address when trying to make payment to someone , so when I brought up the issue of me loosing money to an online investment in a dinner at my place she was curious to hear how it happened and it turned out she still had the hackers contact which she provided me with later on , I reached out the next morning an provided the transaction hash , wallet address of the scammers and the website , I was surprised after receiving the first half of my money within just 48 hours and the rest is being traced back to the second wallet address I made payment to , reclaimcryptoagent1 @gmail .COM brought my hope of living back to life because I never thought of what I could have done if I wasn�t able to recover this money back , this includes my retirement funds , I�m so grateful to the team for their effort and good service , Wats app +1 614 526 8251
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