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Is your mattress at a risk of getting damaged? If yes, then you must buy a mattress protector right away for your mattress. These mattress protectors block away any external factors that damage your mattress. These include dust, liquid spills, baby urine, stains, bed bugs, etc. To help you get that comfort, Dream Care presents high quality mattress protectors at an affordable price. You will not have to worry about the price and you can easily buy our product. The amazing thing about our mattress protectors is the quality. We use 100% waterproof and durable material. You even get to choose from a variety of colours and patterns. Our product comes with a TPU layer that provides double waterproofing. Some of the amazing qualities of our mattress protectors are: anti-mite shield, anti-dust, hypoallergenic, bed-bug free, etc. The process of applying our protector over the mattress is really easy. The fabric is wrinkle resistant and easy to clean. It is eligible for both hand wash and machine wash. Instructions for machine wash: 40C on gentle mode. You get 24 months’ warranty and you can choose from a variety of vibrant colours and patterns. At Dream Care, you get the option of complete customization. To get your protector customized, just Call or WhatsApp on 8882906984.
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