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Dream Care Cushion Covers not only protect your cushions but they also add on a classy look to the sofa and the room. Many people buy fancy cushions. But, due to constant use, sweat patches, pet hair, liquid spills, etc. the life of these cushions decrease. Therefore, one should keep their cushions protected. Dream Care cushion covers are made up of 100% waterproof and durable material. The fabric that we use is Terry. It is soft in touch and is hypoallergenic in nature. They solve the purpose for which people want to buy a cushion cover. We provide cushion covers in different colours. These colours are vibrant and they come with zippers. The zipper helps in easy application. Our cushion covers last longer and stay in good shape. We have released these covers in square shape. The size is 16x16 inches. You can get your covers customized as per your cushions. To customize, just call or WhatsApp on 8882906984. You can easily wash these covers by hand or in a machine. Keep away from bleach, Iron, dry clean, or hot water. You can rest assured that our cushion covers will completely protect your cushions from different types of damages like stains, pet hair, liquid spills, food spills, etc.
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