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Wearing a tourmaline necklace is like a tribute to being a woman. The one on this page is a perfect colorful jewel crafted in multiple layers of beauty and characteristic tourmaline-colored beads. This gemstone has a complicated and varied chemical composition which accounts for being found in a wide range of colors. This necklace is a beauty of its own kind and adorning this sole jewel with a sari, suit or lehenga is enough to complete the look of your attire. The necklace is designed with a colored variety of shades of pink (rubellite), green (verdilite) and brown (dravite) stones, pierced in five layers and separated by a single sterling silver ornamental beauty after every color. The variation of its colors allows it to be worn with all colors of garments just like an elegant rainbow necklace. Tourmaline Necklace: Tourmaline Stone: Stone: Jewelry: #jewelry #stone #tourmalinestone #fashion #traditionalwear #tourmalinenecklace #womenswear #beads
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