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Gentle and wise and perfect in every way, Lord Ganesha is the widely revered son of Lord Shiva and Devi Parvati. Ganesha Brass Statue is adored by devotees for His childlike form and disposition, which gives Him a high propensity to mete out blessings and boons to those who simply turn to him. In this life-sized sculpture, He is seated in all His cosmic glamour upon a curvaceous multi-tiered throne, His legs folded in the traditional lalitasana. Ganesha Brass Statue: Ganesha: Large Statue: Brass Statue: Sculptures: #statue #sculpture #lordganesha #ganeshabrassstatue #brassstatue #hindugod #chaturbhujadhariganesha #ganpatistatue #handmadeganeshastatue #religiousfigurine
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