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Jagannath in Abakasha Vesha Temple Town Puri Watercolor Painting On Patti Folk Art

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Lord Jagannath is an abstract, fluid deity. He is widely considered to be a representation of Lord Krishna Himself, while in some subcultures (Shaiva and Shakta traditions) He is a tantric roopa (form) of Lord Bhairava. He is part of a triad that comprises Balarama and Subhadra, who are His siblings. As could be seen in the painting on this page, the iconography is exceedingly basic - Jagannath-Balarama-Subhadra are little more than vividly decorated stumps of neem wood, that also minimally, with makeshift limbs of wood and rudimentary cephalic features. Jagannath Watercolor Paintings: Patachitra Painting: Folk Art: Painting: #painting #art #lordjagannathpainting #folkart #pattapainting #patachitrapainting #jagannathpainting #orissatemplepainting #templepuripainting #pattipainting #hindugod
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