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Shakyamuni Buddha Nepalese Bronze Singing Bowl - Tibetan Buddhist

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Tibetan singing bowls have long been utilized in meditation practice by Buddhist monks. The Nepalese singing bowl by Exotic India is used during treatment by several wellness practitioners, including music therapists, massage therapists, and yoga therapists. A singing bowl is frequently used to relax before bedtime or to help focus before beginning work. The soothing tones of this Tibetan singing bowl would cleanse your spirit to an almost mesmerizing level of peace. Traditional singing bowls are hand-hammered and tuned to produce a tone linked with each chakra. Bronze Singing Bowl: Buddha Sculpture: Buddhist Statue: Sculptures: #statues #sculptures #buddhasculptures #buddhistsculptures #bronzesculptures #singingbowl #bronzesingingbowl #tibetianbowl #tibetianbuddhistbowl #shakyamunibuddhabowl #nepalesebowl #healingbowl #meditationbowl
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